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Project Cerbero Family Tattoo

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Cerbero Family Tattoo approached me as their existing website needed a fresh look. They also needed to make their website more functional where clients can be guided on their tattoo experience from start to finish. I created a custom website design to achieve their needs.

  • Marketing (they need to have visibility)
  • Show People They Exist
  • Show People What they Do
  • Show People Their Value
  • No Marketing = No Attention
  • Sales
  • turn attention into actual money
  • get people to take action
  • create new paying customers
  • No sales = No new customers (the best makes money)
  • Support (every biz must give great service)
  • customers want excellent support
  • people share their experiences
  • Bad Support = Damaged Reputation
  • Great support = More customers
  • Systems
  • Every Biz Needs Great Systems:
  • must be reliable and consistent
  • same great service every time
  • systems allow a business to grow
  • No system = business falls apart

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2 February 2023